Rose with Letters in a Box

Rose with letters in the box, Making letters from roses in the rose box and writing the first letter of the name to present to the lover. If you want to give a gift to your lover or friend on their special day, on their birthday, you can print the initials of their name on the box with roses. So, is it expensive to print letters from roses on the box? One of the rose arrangements in the box is to have letters made. Printing the initials of your loved one on the box, which has become fashionable recently, makes the person in front of you feel that you both value and give a luxurious gift. A red rose in the box and a white rose letter in the middle is a surprise that everyone can enjoy.


Rose with letter in the box Even though it is not a very difficult process to make, it is a job that requires diligence and mastery. Such a gift on your lover’s birthday or special day can make him/her have an unforgettable moment. How is it done? 

In order to make rose letters in the box, the first things you need to have are the box, the oasis, the 2 colors of roses. You can first elevate the inside of the rose box with styrofoam. You can choose the box you want, but if the box is cylindrical and black, it will look much better with red roses. Put a bag inside the box you upgraded and cut an oasis in the shape of the box and place it nicely. Oasis has a green hard spongy structure that helps the flowers absorb water and live for a long time. It can be cut very easily and can absorb water immediately. Then, add water to the box until the sponge is completely saturated, and after the sponge is saturated, you can start wearing the roses. Put the red roses on the edges and write the letter you will write with white roses, and fill the edges with red roses. Attach ribbon to the last box and everything is ready. Those who wish can fill the box of red roses completely and write letters on it with daisies, so you can prepare your gift more appropriately.

How Long Do Roses With Letters Live in a Box?

You have ordered roses with letters in the box and if you want them not to dry out immediately, these roses can live for 1 week to 2 weeks, depending on the air temperature, since these roses already draw water from the foam in the box. You can add half a glass of water every 2 days by keeping them in the dark area so that they live longer.

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