Pentas Flower

It is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the quince florets (rubiaceae) family, whose scientific name is ‘pentas lanceolata’. Its homeland is Africa and the island of Madagascar. It is mostly known in the world by the name of the Egyptian star cluster (Egyptian star). In our country, it is called ‘pentas’ or quintuple flower (pentas: means five) because of its Latin name.

Beziz flower is a herbaceous ornamental plant that grows both in the garden and in the pot, does not require much care and blooms abundantly.  It is also grown in pots as a gift. Although it is a perennial plant, it is mostly grown as a seasonal flower. Immediately  It blooms all year long. As for their wishes; pentas likes sunny and bright places, does not like too much shade.  However, it should not be left in the direct midday sun in places where it is very hot in summer. Also   type  regularly and abundantly  water  want.

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