Pansy (Viola)

The Pansy is from the Violet family. The hybrid species of pansies, whose homeland is not known for sure, were first produced in Europe, and from there they were introduced to the world of flowers and made popular. 20 cm. Although pansies are perennial or biennial plants, they are treated as annuals. Its light but fragrant flowers bloom from spring to summer in cool places. These flowers have five large and beautiful petals, four of which point downwards and one upward. While natural pansies bloom in yellow, white, purple, blue and dark red blooms with plain or striped or spotted blooms have also been obtained in cultivars.
It is perennial, so you don’t have to replant it every year. It grows stronger over the years. Once settled, they require almost no maintenance, and even if they are forgotten, they continue to last again every spring. It stays green in summer and winter in moist soil.

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