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Online flower order It is very easy to order flowers online for Antalya, we deliver your flower orders to your loved ones quickly. What should you pay attention to when creating your flower orders? Is there any flower delivery to the districts? How long does it take for your orders to be delivered? To which regions can we deliver in Antalya? You can find answers to many of your questions about your return and exchange rights in this blog.


Friends, first of all, online flower order The most important thing you need to pay attention to in order to send flowers to Antalya and its surroundings is price and quality. Of course, when ordering online, you can see the same product on another site for half the price. But I wonder if your loved ones really get the product  in the image? What you need to do about this issue is by calling the company or by contacting  WhatsApp to contact the product in the image you want to send. ask for amateur photos, that is, if they cannot help you with their own photos taken by the company, we recommend that you do not order from that site. Now that you control the quality, let’s come to the price issue, friends, do not compare the product you want with the flower basket, it may mislead you. Because the products in the flower basket are made from flowers that lack quality so that everyone can access them, and the product prepared for the visual is made using quality materials. Therefore, the products on the site look good in the photo, but when you receive them, you are likely to be disappointed. 

Is There Flower Delivery to the Districts?

Online flower ordering is not an application limited to Antalya, of course, there are also delivery orders to the districts, but there is an extra delivery fee depending on the distance. This delivery fee is only equal to the fuel fee. This fee is added to your order. 

How Long Will Your Flower Orders Be Delivered? 

Depending on the difficulty of the order, the traffic situation and the weather conditions, it is delivered to the addresses you give within the city of Antalya within 1-2 hours. For delivery to districts, you must place your order 3-4 hours in advance. But do not forget that the appearance and quality of your orders are as important as fast delivery. We are in favor of not making phone orders from districts if it is too rushed, since a quality product will not be produced. 


We deliver 7/24 orders to Antalya Kemer Side Manavgat Belek and inner city addresses. The responsibility of your orders is completely at Chameleon Flowers & Balloons belong to our company. The photo will be sent to you before the products are sent. You have the right to cancel the product you do not like.

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