Money Tree (Pachira)

The Money Tree, whose Latin name is “Crassula Ovata”, is a plant grown as a pot flower not only in our country but also in many parts of the world. This plant, also known as “Pachira” outside our country, can also be named as “Money Tree, Money Flower, Money Plant, Fortune Flower, Jade Flower, Abundance Tree”. In Feng Shui philosophy, the Pachira plant is believed to bring luck and money. The name of the Money Tree is based on this belief. The homeland of this plant, which is a species belonging to the Hibiscus family, is the American continent.

Money Tree is a plant that loves warm environments. So it doesn’t mind the sunlight. Therefore, the Money Tree should be located in a sunny place. The thing to pay attention to during this positioning; No matter how much your flower loves the sun and heat, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, especially in hot seasons. Direct sunlight will damage your plant in hot seasons. Therefore, the best place to position the Money Tree is behind a sunlit window, behind a tulle curtain. In this position, your flower will not be damaged because it will not receive direct sunlight, but it will also get the rays it needs. Our plant has a structure that likes bright environments. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the place where it is located is bright, at least half-lit. Another thing you should pay attention to for the Money Tree is not to expose your plant to the wind. Because the strong wind that it will be exposed to, especially in winter, will adversely affect your plant.


The Money Tree is not a flower that needs a lot of water. Watering twice a week in summer and once a week in cold periods will be sufficient for this plant. The first thing you should do before watering your plant is to check the soil. Because giving water to the flower without checking the soil can cause a big mistake. If you are in the summer period when the weather is very hot, you should water your plant without waiting for the soil to dry completely, while it is essential to wait for the soil to dry completely during the winter months.

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