Marginata Flower

The homeland of the Marginata flower is Madagascar. It is a species of Dracaena of the Asparagus family. Marginata flower has many varieties, including burgundy, dark purple, scarlet, plain green, green in the middle and reddish edges.

Because it is not very troublesome to maintain and constantly cleans the air in its environment, it is especially used in offices as well as homes. Marginata flower preferred features for homes and offices; It does not shed many leaves, does not grow fast, does not need much water, does not like direct sunlight and does not have conditions that will cause ground problems.  In addition, it does not distinguish between soil and can be grown in any soil type and it is not recommended to be planted in very large pots. The large pot makes it difficult to maintain as it will cause it to take root very quickly. It never allows pests such as insects and flies to reproduce and live. It likes sunlight, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Room temperature will be sufficient for growth.

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