Konyaaltı Flower Order

Konyaaltı You are at the right address for Flower Order. Bukalemun Flowers & Balloons continues to serve you with the quality assurance it always offers. We continue to provide the fastest and most reliable flower delivery in Flower Orders. A large part of Antalya flower orders come from the Konyaaltı region. We would like to thank our domestic and foreign customers living in Konyaaltı for choosing us. It operates in a wide range of cut flowers and artificial flowers.


Flower Order  Things to consider when creating your Balloon Orders; Orders may not always be delivered when you call 1 hour before on special days. For this, you can definitely place an early order on your special days and guarantee your work. We can deliver your pre-ordered orders within 24 hours, but our only condition is that you have to confirm your order beforehand. We can send you photos before delivery if you wish. Our products always come as in the photo. 

Konyaaltı Flower Delivery Regions 


Konyaaltı Caddesi, Liman district, Persimmon Street 

We are designing different boutique style bouquets for Russians living in the Date neighborhood. Our Russian customers always choose us for fresh flowers. We have 2 Russian colleagues to talk to and better understand our Russian customers. 


After ordering flowers, you can pay from banking transactions such as eft transfer. At the same time, you can pay at the door at the time of delivery, pay by credit card and mail order.

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