Kalanchoe Flower

The true name of the flower, known as Kalanchoe flower, is Kalanchoe. This small, colorful flowering plant originates from Asia and Africa and belongs to the succulent family. This species was mostly seen in Madagascar. Plants belonging to the succulent family are very easy to care for and multiply quickly. Kalanşo is one of these succulent plants that is easy to care for with all its beauty and colors. If you want to create an environment in your home and workplace and find peace, you can easily buy this flower and grow it.

The colors of Kalanchoe flowers can be white, yellow, orange, red, and pink, and they begin to grow as soon as their broken petals touch the ground. Therefore, Kalanşo means falling and greening. In addition, Kalanchoes can be placed in any corner, as they do not take up too much space. Because they do not show the feature of continuous branching.


Kalancho requires fertilizer once a month and its flowers should be pruned after drying. Kalanchoes are also known as summer flowers because they add color to the summer season.  Kalanchoe need sun, but they should not stay in the sun too much and should not get direct sun. You can sprinkle egg shells on the soil so that the soil receives the necessary vitamin. This will ensure that he gets the necessary vitamins and protein. Kalanchoe, which does not want too much water, is watered once a week in winter and twice a week in summer.

The meaning of Kalanchoe flower

The meaning of this flower, which is often preferred as a gift, varies according to its color. It is important to choose the right color according to the person you will gift and the reason for the gift, but whatever it is, it will definitely give happiness to the person you are presenting.

  • The meaning of the yellow calendula is to offer “get well soon” wishes.
  • The meaning of the white calico flower is to make peace, to apologize.
  • The meaning of pink Kalanchoe It is to wish happiness and congratulations.
  • The meaning of Red Kalanchoe to express love and affection

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