Hydrangea Bouquet

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Hydrangea Flower actually has many meanings. But this varies according to their color. Hydrangea flower has 4 basic colors and has no fragrance. These colors are blue, pink, white and lilac. 

Hydrangea flower is a flower that translates feelings from the heart. It is a plant that will convey all your feelings without speaking to the other person. 

The homeland of this flower is Japan. Hydrangea, which is grown in pots and gardens in every region of Japan, does not bloom in winter, it blooms in spring. It is a commercially grown flower variety in the cut flower field. 


Pot-grown hydrangea  is a kind of flower that is easy to care for and does not distinguish between soil. These flowers do not like the sun, but they drink a lot of water. You need to water their pots every day. And if you look at the wind and sun-free places of your house, you can see that the flowers of the plant bloom more lushly and beautifully. 

Hydrangea Flower Care 

Hydrangea Flower is actually not very difficult to care for. After summer has passed, you should prune your hydrangea and prepare it to bloom better next season. Hydrangea pruning is done by cutting one of the parts of the branch divided into 2 from 3 cm above the soil, so that the plant is gone. When the plant begins to bloom in your pot, you can plant sticks so that the plant does not lie down. Because when the plant blooms, the branch can not stand and lie down. Apart from this, you do not need to take any additional food supplements.


Hydrangea Bouquet is a bouquet made from cut flowers. The large hydrangea flower results in bouquets of great quality. Although Russians generally love these bouquets, hydrangea bouquets have become widespread all over the world. Bouquets that can be made in mixed colors, if they are made with a good skill, become an art. Cut hydrangeas should be stored in flower cabinets at 8-10 degrees. If water gets on its leaves, it rots and becomes unusable. 7 branches of hydrangea are used according to the size of 5 in an average bouquet. The quality of hydrangeas grown in the Hatay region of Turkey is at world standards.

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