How to Make Confetti Balloons?

Confetti balloons are among the balloons frequently used in birthdays and organizations that have attracted a lot of attention recently. Confetti balloons can also be used as flying balloons by putting helium gas. How many hours do these balloons stay in the air? How is it prepared? We will share information such as where can I order Antalya Flying Balloons with you, Chameleon Flowers & BalloonsWelcome to our blog post. Without boring you, let’s move on to the informative article.


Confetti Balloonss are generally made by putting confetti inside transparent balloons. Although it has recently appeared in colorful latex and transparent balloons, confetti is in the most beautiful transparent balloons. So, how do we get the confetti we put in the balloon to stick to the balloon and get the image we want? If you can, you need to drop 1 drop of high float into the balloon and spread it well around the edges. Confetti may not stick to the balloon if it is not spread all over the balloon. Or, those who do not have this liquid gel at hand can make the confetti not stick to the balloon with a few drops of water. But after a while, these flakes will fall and cause the image to deteriorate. That’s why we strongly recommend you to buy High Float. 

How Fast Does Confetti Balloon Fly?

Confetti balloon Since it is made of latex balloons, it cannot fly as much as foil balloons. The maximum flight time of these balloons is 1 day. We recommend that you order Balloons by paying attention to this. If a high float is placed inside the balloons, the flight time can be extended by 1/2.


As you know, on your birthday, wedding anniversary and many special days in Antalya Belek region, you will always find Chakalemun Flowers & As Balloons, we stand by you, first of all, we would like to thank our dear customers for choosing us. When you order Balloons for Balloon Deliveries, the balloons prepared 1-2 hours before are delivered to the desired address. The main reason for the late preparation is so that the flight time will be long when the balloons are delivered to you. Balloons that burst during delivery are immediately replaced with new ones. Our balloons are made of Italian oak and they are very durable and have a low risk of explosion. You can choose us with peace of mind. You can find all licensed party products on our store and website.

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