Guzmania Flower

Guzmania Lingulata grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Guzmania flower, similar to succulents, got its name from Spanish pharmacist and naturalist Anastasio Guzman. Guzmania flower is known as a symbol of abundance and fertility. Guzmania is known as the home and office flower. Guzmanya, which you can choose as a new home gift, new business gift, will be a very stylish choice to celebrate your loved ones. The meaning of the Guzmania flower also changes according to its colors. Just like roses, the red guzmania flower represents the eternal love that comes with finding the right life partner, while the yellow guzmania represents luck and wealth. While pink guzmania symbolizes undying love, orange guzmania symbolizes success.


  • Leaving it in a very cold or very hot area will damage the leaves and roots of your flower. 
  • Guzmania flower likes to live in bright and airy environments. 
  • Other They do not like to touch an object. When they come into contact with another object for a long time, small drying occurs on their leaves. 
  • If the leaves turn yellow, let the leaves fall off on their own. 
  • They bloom in summer.  li>


  • As the soil will dry out more due to the heat of the summer air, you may need to control the soil moisture and water it twice a day.
  • In winter, it is not necessary to water much, in spring it is enough to keep the soil moist. 
  • < li>The water you will use while watering the Guzmania flower must be rested beforehand. 
  • You can irrigate by controlling the soil moisture in normal times and sharing the water evenly. 


  • You need to supplement with vitamins and minerals once a year. Since the Guzmania flower uses the minerals and vitamins in the soil too much, you need to supplement with minerals in addition. 
  • You should change the soil and pot once every 2 years. 
  • Guzmania flower is bright but does not absorb sunlight. should live in an area that does not receive direct Otherwise, the leaves will wrinkle and then fade quickly. 
  • Getting 1-2 hours of morning sun is more effective in the care of guzmania. 
  • He likes the east side of the house. 
  • It will be enough to give fertilizer once in 1 – 2 months. 
  • They do not like the weather below 13 degrees 
  • Staying in an airy environment at night is of great importance for the healthy growth of Guzmania.&nbsp ;

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