Girl Wish Bouquet

Hello, in this article, what kind of bouquet can be preferred when asking for a girl? How many roses are in the wish bouquet? We will explain how to prepare a girl request bouquet.

Bouquets to be Preferred for Requesting a Girl 

As everyone knows, although bouquets of red roses are preferred for the girlfriend’s request flower, mono bouquets are now preferred for request bouquets. Since the use of the internet and content sharing on social media has increased, fashionable and trendy bouquet types are frequently encountered by bride candidates. That’s why the red rose cipso has disappeared in new generation girl requests. This was replaced by bouquets made of more modern imported colored roses. I leave the photos below as an example.


What’s more important than how many roses are in a wedding bouquet is how the bouquet looks. It will be more interesting if the girl request bouquet is plain. And please don’t mess up the roses by spraying the girl-in-law bouquets. Of course, everyone can put roses in it according to their budget. If approximately 41-51 roses are placed in the bouquet, the bouquet can look full and magnificent. 


For the request bouquets, first the budget is determined and what will be put inside is discussed, then the materials are prepared and the flowers are cleaned. Immediately after that, the preparation of the bouquet begins. If the bouquet is desired to be large, it can be enlarged by putting plenty of greenery. But of course, the recommended size is not the size of the bouquet, but the quality of the content of the bouquet. Bouquets without quality roses and flowers can make the other party feel that they are not cared for. Even though the result is positive for you, it may have negative consequences in terms of the impression you leave on the other side. 


The peak of the flower of will is actually 101 red rosesthe flower of request. There is almost no chance of going with this bouquet and getting a negative answer. If the form of the roses is good, the 101 rose bouquet can be a truly eye-catching and huge magnificent bouquet. The bouquet may not fit in your lap. When buying a bouquet of 101 red roses, pay attention to the fact that the roses are fresh and are longer than 60 cm, otherwise the huge bouquet you expect may not be what you expected. We wish everyone a happy day.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı 101-kirmizi-gul.jpg

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