Fire Flower

Fireflower is a plant belonging to the Salviya species of the Lamiaceae family. The height of a healthy fireflower usually ranges from 15 to 120 centimeters. As it grows in length, it also grows in length. It is a moisture-loving plant species. Therefore, it is unlikely to be grown in arid areas. It has been observed that a fireflower grown near sea level is much healthier and taller than the others. It is also a type of flower that does not like the cold. However, some types of salvia also withstand -6 degrees cold. For this reason, you should ask the gardener from whom you buy salvia, the type of flower. Fireflower must see the sun during the day. For this reason, you should definitely leave the pot in a sun-exposed room. The leaves of sunless fireflowers can dry out and shrivel.

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