The homeland of the bougainvillea plant is South America. At the same time, they show natural distribution in coastal areas where there is no risk of frost, and in areas with Mediterranean climate. In the old world maps, it was thought that there were natural distribution areas from Brazil to the equator region. The bougainvillea plant is also known as Rhodes Beauty and Bridal Veil, as well as being referred to as bougainvillea in Turkish. Its Latin name (Bougainville) was named after the French admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville, who discovered it in Brazil in 1768 and made it known in Europe.

Because they are temperate climate plants, they need to be protected from strong intense winds. If you are growing it in an area with cold and harsh conditions during the winter season, you can keep your plant indoors, on covered balconies or in winter gardens during the winter season. If you have taken your plant indoors, the most important point is that your plant is not stuffy. The bougainvillea plant, which is left without air, will start to dry and fall off on young shoots.

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