Literally, “bon” means plate or tray, “sai” means tree or plant, and “Bonsai” means tree that grows on the plate. We can also define them as miniature trees adapted to living in pots using various techniques. They are not genetically different from trees in their natural environment. A bonsai can be obtained from all kinds of trees by going through various processes and applying different techniques.

The accompanying of trees to people’s living spaces outside their natural environment was first practiced in China and was brought to Japan by Buddhist Monks in the 6th century. Today, Japanese bonsai artists have an influence on the development of bonsai not only as a miniature tree cultivation but also as an art form. They are very long-lived and hardy plants. Since they live longer than human life, they are still left as a legacy from generation to generation in the Far East. Bonsai, which we can also refer to as a reflection of the harmony between human and nature, is an effort that requires patience and love in the whole process, and it is believed that the soul of its owner is also shaped with the tree as it takes shape and grows. Although it takes a long time for our tree to take the form we want, the number of bonsai lovers is substantial.


The most important point about bonsai care is watering. The most important issue in irrigation is that we ensure that the soil of our bonsai is constantly moist. Here, it is essential to determine the water need by controlling the soil in our hands, regardless of a period. Applying the sprinkler method while irrigating is the healthiest irrigation method for leaves, stems and soil.

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