Benjamin’s Blossom

Benjamin ficus is one of the most preferred flowers among decorative plant species recently. The Benjamin flower, which has many different types, is a long-lasting potted plant that you can easily grow both at home and in the office. The homeland of Benjamin’s Flower is known as South East Asia and Australia. Benjamin Flower, which adapts to every environment with its magnificent leaves, is a plant species belonging to the Ficus genus from the Moracea (Mulberry) family. The Benjamin Flower grows and grows like a tree if it finds suitable soil.


It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It should be stored in a place with plenty of light. If it gets direct sun, its leaves burn and the flower starts to shed its leaves over time.

If the room temperature drops below 10 degrees, it will be very affected and its leaves will start to fall. 

Since the roots of the plants are very sensitive, they need a little more water. Water should be given as the soil dries and care should be taken to ensure that the water is lime-free.

The soil must be sandy and fertile. If you see yellowing or darkening on the flower, you should definitely take a vitamin supplement.

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