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Belek Çiçekçi we are at your service with our belek branch for your needs. We are here to meet your long-needed flower needs in Belek. Based on quality trust and customer satisfaction, Bukalemun Cicekcilik came to offer professional solution partnership to your flower needs. Chameleon flower With its branch in Kadriye neighborhood in Belek Region, it spreads all over the world. It provides fast and reliable service. Our only source of motivation in this branch, which we opened by taking into account the difficult aspects of being a florist in Belek, is our belief and love for our work. We are confident that we will be the solution to Antalya Belek Florist needs with our corporate structure.


Belek florist in addition to being a risky area for florist, it offers us a pleasant service and opportunities to serve corporate companies. In addition, its nature and calm urbanization make our work more enjoyable. When it comes to floristry, there are many stores that do not follow today’s technology and trends and cannot meet the general customer potential in the stores we see in the region. Unfortunately, since these stores do not update themselves, they have become unable to fight. Since Belek is a tourism region, it has been subjected to a global tourist flow from all over the world. The demands of these people are more modern and integrated flower models. For example, a vacationer from Russia wants to buy flowers for his wife and wants to give his wife a gift in accordance with the standards of his country, since there is a flower culture in a country like Russia. At this stage, we are here to respond to your requests. Our aim is to produce value-added products, to increase the foreign exchange inflow to our country, and to ensure that our guests who come to our region for tourism leave our country satisfied.

Our Goals and Principles 

By taking the wind that companies such as Çiçek Sepeti bring to the industry, we continue on our way as a brand that is sought in main words such as flower order, flower to address. Thanks to the advertisements he gave with flower baskets, he took the first step in the formation of a culture that instilled the love of flowers in our country. Our goals are to carry tourism-oriented floristry and customer satisfaction further. As belek florist, Florist Chameleon will continue to establish quality in the same sentence with its name for many years to come. Our main goal in the following years is to continue the floriculture business on the Aegean coastline without disturbing our corporate structure.

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