Balloons Flying in the Box

Balloons Flying in a Box end It is a form of gift that has become a new fashion in Turkey in recent times. We put the balloons you want in the white box with the text you want on it and deliver it to the address you want. When the recipient opens the lid of the box, balloons come out and he encounters an unexpected surprise. This surprise flying balloon box is approximately 70×70 in size and has a lid. It can fit 9-11 balloons on average. Box sizes can be changed upon request.


Balloons Flying in the Box are prepared on order, first of all, a cardboard box is prepared in the dimensions requested by the customer, and the square cover of the cardboard square is prepared. In the next step, the balloons to be placed inside are determined. If desired, 15-20 small latex balloons can be placed in the box and a large PVC bubble balloon can be placed inside. That would be a nice option. If a latex balloon is to be placed after the balloon box is prepared, high float can be placed on the flying balloons to prolong the flying time. Balloons with High Float can stay in the air for 2 times longer than other balloons. If a foil balloon is to be placed, the foil balloons can be directly inflated with helium gas and put into the box. The balloons that are inflated on the floor of the box are glued with their strings so that the balloons do not fly away when the lid of the box is opened.

Flying Balloon Order Antalya

Flying Balloons in the Box to order Chameleon Flowers & You can get support from Balloons  You need to order beforehand for your balloon orders. You should specify the text you will write on the box and clarify the order date. Before the balloons are delivered, a photo will be sent to you if you wish. Balloons may burst on the way during delivery, but don’t worry, we replace the burst balloons with new ones and deliver them to you intact. The text you will print on the box can be in English, Turkish or Russian.


If you want, you can add special gifts that the person you are going to gift other than balloons, your flower photos and many more products to the balloon box. Be sure, the person receiving the gift will love this surprise. If you want to put flowers in the balloon box, we can also support you with flower orders.


Helium gas we use in flying balloons has all safety certificates and is only used for fun balloon filling etc. It does not have any explosive and flammable properties.

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