Anthurium Flower

Anthurium comes from the arum family. Also known as anthurium flower, this plant is also known as tail flower, anthurium, flamingo flower and laceleaf. Anthurium flower is known as latin anthurium schott flower. It looks beautiful with its heart-shaped leaves and flowers. It usually has large red flowers. White, pink, purple flowers are also found. It likes warm and shade, but also humid environments. If you can cut the flowers, they will last a long time in the vase.


Anthorium or flamingo flower is very easy to care for. The flamingo, which takes its flower upwards by giving it from the bottom area, takes out a new one when the flower dies. Pots are generally not very large. The ideal size for its growth is the pot size in which it is generally sold. 


Anthorium flower represents wealth. Like every flower, the anthurium flower has a story. This flower is also known as flamingo flower, anthurium, tail flower and laceleaf. Anthurium flower also means happiness, hospitality and fertility 

  • Red anthurium meaning: Love and elegance, fiery love
  • White anthurium meaning: Simplicity
  • Pink anthurium meaning: Love
  • Green anthurium meaning: The natural state of love

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