African Violet

This plant, whose homeland is Tanzania, has flowers in all shades of purple, pink and white. The African violet can remain in flower throughout the year. Once a year or more during flowering, it takes about a week or two of rest to re-bloom. Its leaves are heart-shaped and constantly alive. The plant usually likes shade or light sunlight. However, it is necessary not to keep it in direct sunlight or to protect it from the heat of the midday sun.

It is grown as a pot flower at home. African violet is a stemless, hairy, dark green, rosette-shaped plant with petiolate leaves. Dark blue, purple or pink flowers, 15 cm. long, found in bundles at the ends of thin stalks. Its crown is contiguous and irregular.

While watering the plant that loves moist soil, care should be taken not to let water touch its leaves. For its production, healthy and mature leaves are about 5 cm. The rotten plant residue (peat) and sand mixture is planted in the soil. In an environment where the temperature can be kept between 18 and 21 C°, leaf cuttings can be rooted in two or three weeks. The soil of the plant should be changed in the spring seasons, and its cultivation should be continued by taking it into large pots at the rate of its development. However, frequent repotting, too much heat, and lack of light or nutrients can delay or prevent the plant from blooming. Again, when such things are not taken care of, the possibility of aphids on the leaves may increase. Another point to be considered when changing the pot is; It is the presence of the changed soil and the potting soil at the same temperature and wetness. Otherwise, a disease caused by a fungus called mildew can be seen in the root of the plant.

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