101 Roses 100 TL

101 roses 100 TL the most ridiculous issue that has come to the agenda in Antalya recently. Dear friends, you want to order flowers in Antalya. The 101 roses and 100 TL conversation you see on Instagram is the form of fraud that has gained dimension. Unfortunately, those beautiful bouquets of 101 roses you see in advertisements have nothing to do with the real 101 roses. You saw these ads and called the scammers and said 101 roses are really 100 TL? When you ask them, they will say yes, 100 TL in the street mouth. When you say OK, I want to place an order, you will hear lies such as these roses are naughty, bad, and small. Well, you said ok to all of them, now what tricks await you next?


Yes, of course, you can give these flowers as roses to someone who does not know what a rose is and has never seen a rose in his life. But I don’t know if you would say rose when you really look at it. Even though this campaign is  campaign to draw attention, it is nothing but deceiving people. As businesses that really enjoy this business, we watch with shame and regret. If you buy 11 real roses instead of choosing these campaign roses, you can be sure that you will have a bigger bouquet than the campaign bouquet. They will sell you  roses have nothing to do with what you see in the pictures.

Antalya Rose Prices

Antalya rose prices start from 10 TL in a regular flower shop. These prices go on and on in the 15-20 TL band. Antalya Konyaaltı Florists express that they stand by the citizens against these campaign roses. Of course, you are free to buy these 101 roses, but now everyone, especially women, knows that 101 roses are a cheap and bad campaign flower. Giving a flower labeled in this way to the woman you love may offend you against her. Instead, you can find many beautiful bouquets that can be bought for 100 TL.


If you want to gift 101 roses to your lover or friend, real 101 rose prices change seasonally. These prices can go down to 600-700 TL when the rose is very busy. At other times, it is in the 800-1000 TL band. But these roses you buy can make you feel how much you really care for them. If you want to order these roses, please note that the height of the roses is greater than 70 cm

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